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Welcome to This New Blog!

Oh it’s been a while since I’ve blogged at all. Been busy! Fun stuff mostly!

Anyway, I’m back, I’m sure you’ve missed me and I hope to have some fun with this blog.

So this blog will be mostly tech stuff, some creative stuff and some other random stuff.

I’m building this blog with Octopress. Which is cool. Cooler than Wordpress or most of the other presses. I like that it’s static, that’s cool. Because guess what, this text isn’t going to change much, so why keep it in a database? A blog is static, otherwise it wouldn’t really be a blog. So static makes sense. I like things that make sense.

I tried Middleman with the blogging extension, but it didn’t work. Not on my Windows machine and not not on my Mac. I didn’t want to spend time hacking it. I wanted to spend time writing paragraphs. So I bailed. Octopress had a couple hiccups, but it worked within a short amount of time, so it wins.

Working without a rich text editor is interesting. I really didn’t use much of the rich text stuff anyway. How often do you use the little buttons vs just writing stuff. I’m using a text editor (Sublime) because Sublime is cool. Let me figure out how to do a link, hang on… how’s this Sublime is cool.

So like I said, I’ll be blogging about tech stuff, mostly IT, because I work in IT now. I’m trying to do “real” DevOps. It’s not easy! I’m doing more development work now, learning Ruby and Python, because they’re cool.

The one thing about using a text editor is there’s no spell checker, which is not cool. Hang on, maybe Sublime has one… eh, this is annoying. Package Control is not working, because I have it setup to use a proxy for work. But I’m not at work, so no proxy and no Package Control. Unless I go disable the proxy, but that’s a hassle. I’ll open an issue with the Package Control team… I could just comment it out in the settings JSON, but JSON doesn’t do comments. JSON doesn’t do comments. Really.

Here’s the issue I opened: (

That’s enough for now. Welcome to the Tower of Prattle… stay with me!